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Our Story is your one-stop shop for fidget spinners, the new office gadget and children's toy which can help with focus, improve emotional state, remove stress and release nervous energy.  

We believe fidget spinners can help individuals with anxiety, autism and ADHD, and can also help direct that nervous energy.  Fidgeting is the something that everyone does, an act of making small movements or gestures with the hands and feet, often because of boredom, nervousness or impatience. It can also be just a whole lot of fun for everyone.  The momentum of the spinner provides a pleasing sensory experience and the challenge of transferring, tossing and twirling the toy has spawned a universe of tricks and games you can play with your friends.  Whatever the reason, life is about having fun, so get your spin on!

Our fidget spinners are beautifully designed, durable and classic, and affordable affordable at the same time. We cut out the middleman to make this possible and ship directly from our designers to you.  

Our buying agents have put incredible effort towards sourcing quality products and materials so we offer a 100% money back guarantee refund on any purchase defective upon delivery. 

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