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Bluetooth Audio Fidget Spinners

A Bluetooth speaker on a fidget spinner that also lights up? There are fidget spinners with LEDs that have built-in battery cells. Why not spice things up with built-in Bluetooth audio? The battery is supposed to last 5 hours and there's even a USB port for charging.

It sounds like more of a novelty, but does it work? Although it's not your Bose Quality Bluetooth wireless speaker, it does actually work. I has that raspy sound reminiscent of 80s portable pocket radios when the volume is turned all the way up.

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The Bluetooth Audio Fidget Spinner is one more way to get your kids off their phones and looking at something instead of a digital screen. At least they can play outdoors at a park and will be tempted to stay close enough to you so that the Bluetooth Audio is still within range of your phone. :)

What's next? We'll let you know when there's a spinner that can take and make calls or one that can assist you with GPS navigation.

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