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Amazon Cracking Down on Sellers of Imported Fidget Spinners from China

Just before the July 4th holiday weekend, Amazon has started to crack down on its sellers of imported fidget spinners, the highly popular children's toy, from China. This appears to be from recent concerns over product safety for children, especially since news of similar efforts aboard (Germany customs officials seize huge quantities of Fidget Spinners) have surfaced. The email indicates that Amazon requires proof of the origins of the product's manufacturing as well as U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission compliance testing from the National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).

Below is the email that Amazon sent to its sellers:

Amazon Email to sellers of Fidget Spinners

You can keep an eye out for product safety changes coming to Amazon after July 28, 2017.  In the mean time, if you want to get a safe fidget spinner:

1) Look in the product page FAQs to see if they perform testing

2) Order higher end metal fidget spinners less likely to contain lead or other unsafe materials

3) Perform lead test yourself at home with a safe and simple Lead Test Kit available at most department stores.

Here are some fidget spinner sites that comment they do some testing:




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